Lash Guide



Benefits of Falsies
Falsies are an alternative to reduce impact on our natural lashes allowing them to grow healthier than the weakening effects mascara might have on our lashes long term. False lashes not only can cut time in our makeup routine to look a little more polished, but it is able to conceal tired or aging eyes enhancing more sparkle to your eyes. The best part of wearing falsies is that you are always camera ready.
Choose your lash
L'Arcana offers a selection of high quality 3D mink and 3D synthetic lashes. Find a lash that best suits you:
3D synthetic lashes
These are man-made synthetic fibers but replicate that of real mink lashes. These lashes are thicker in appearance and hold a light sheen to them. For those who want to make a statement on special occasions, this might be the lash for you as they typically last around 3-4 wears.
3D Mink
Our mink lashes have a more natural effect as they are soft to the touch and light wearing to replicate that of human hair. If you are an everyday lash wearer, these are the lashes for you as they typically last about 25 wears depending on how you maintain them.
How to apply
  • Remove lashes from tray from band (preferably with tweezers)
  • Fit your lashes to your eye shape and cut any excess hairs from the outer corner
  • Apply lash glue to the base of the band and let glue sit until it becomes a little tacky
  • Lay lashes to the base of your lash line
How to Remove
  • Dissolve glue with oil-free makeup remover on the band
  • Band should come off easily
  • Remove any existing glue from lashes
Lash Care
  • After use of your lashes, gently remove glue from lash band preferably with tweezers (be careful not to pull band which binds hairs together).
  • If you would like to blend your natural lashes, apply mascara first before falsies. 
  • Place your lashes back in your L'Arcana box as it can keep your falsies from collecting dust and keep it in its best shape.